Proudly made in Taiwan, our specialties include circular knit fabric, jacquard & texture knits, yarn-dyed Lycra microfiber fabrics, and bonded functional fabric. Brimadona is defined by detail-oriented craftsmanship, top-notch quality, and diverse product lines that are responsibly produced. With 35+ years of experience in this industry, we harness the latest technology to develop innovative methodology in textile manufacturing. At Brimadona, we deliver some of the best performance fabrics today with excellence in Comfort, Functionality and Support.

Fabric handle is one of the key parameters in determination of physical comfort and customer satisfaction. From microfiber fabric with a soft hand feel, Supplex, Tactel, Meryl, air textured yarn, to synthetic polyester with a natural touch, we offer products that are designed to achieve a high level of desired comfort.

Combining functionalities such as anti-microbial, reflective and glow in the dark surface, we can deliver high tech garments such as X-static, Dri-Release, Cordura and Thermolite fabrics for a wide range of applications.

In manufacturing fabrics for activewear / sports wear, our four-way-stretch spacer fabric, Lycra compression fabric and bonded fabric provide the right support and muscular compression for both indoor and outdoor sports activities.

Versatile Solutions
Brimadona thrives to provide new, focused, effective solutions to help you stay on top of the competition. In today’s market with constant changes in demand, our versatile approach in product development is key to success in global markets. Given the velocity of the fashion sector, Brimadona’s manufacturing process is constantly up-to-date with the latest technology for new trends. We have a fantastic team that is committed to meeting your updated requirements, while sharing insights on the best strategy to achieve the desired result. We are here to listen to your new idea or concern, and always ready for a new adventure.

Decades of Experience
With a mature manufacturing procedure and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we are dedicated to creating well-tailored products to tackle new challenges. Integrated ERP system ensures our production data can be sourced, produced and monitor efficiently. Building on more than three decades of hands-on experience, our fabrics are crafted to making a difference to your business and the industry tomorrow.

Integrity & Sustainability
In the pursuit of success in a fast-moving world, we deliver quality without compromising the well-being of our staff or our planet. Integrity remains one of our core values in business, as we passionately seeking new solutions to balance between progress and sustainability. Implementation of risk management, health and safety education/control/prevention are regularly checked and assessed.

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