Environmental Commitment

Brimadona is a professional sportswear textile manufacturer that believes in sustaining the environment throughout the fabric production process. We believe, practice what we preached, in being responsible for every decision we make. Complying and aligning ourselves with government laws and regulations are just the foundation of our environmental security. Start with ourselves, we minimize the environmental impact in the manufacturing process of our fabrics. Innovation and sustainable well-being are the watchwords of our company. Through research and development, we stay dedicated to creating innovative methods that utilize sustainable raw materials. Brimadona upholds and complies with both local and international standards and regulations.

Our mission @ Brimadona is to care for the world we live in, from the fabrics we make, to the ways in which we give back to communities. By deepening our commitment to a holistic concept of social responsibility, we hope to elevate the environmental quality and wellness for the generations to come. We hope to plan the seeds and using our role in community to drive positive social and environmental change. Our conscientiousness starts with the materials we source: renewable, reusable, recyclable, sustainable, bio-degradable, or organic. We encourage innovative research and development processes that incorporate the use of environmentally preferable raw materials, not just creating beautiful fabrics.

We share the overwhelming challenge of improving our environment, and feel accountable in contributing new solutions. Being a synthetic fabric manufacturer does not have to be a major cause of environmental professionals nor do we have to change who we are and what we do for a living. We hope to contribute through our ability to raise awareness on this issue and to make the planet we call Earth a better place.

While others may see sustainability as burden on costs, we regard it as an opportunity to lead a creative and engaged workplace. At Brimadona, we differentiate our products through a collective belief in excellence, a commitment to quality, and a shared belief that green innovation is the key to change.

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