Brimadona Lab

Our in-house testing lab is responsible for the physical, performance and color fastness testing of Brimadona’s fabric products. Through these testing procedures, we provide scientifically tested results to demonstrate how the fabrics will perform in real life, and ensure the final products meet the criteria of our clients. Our lab is certified and accredited by our many brands. All of our colorists certified by the third party.

• Physical Tests

The physical properties of fiber, yarn and fabrics can greatly impact their suitability to applications in real life. The Brimadona Lab runs a series of physical tests to determine how well fabrics hold up to various conditions, including dimensional stability, heat shrinkage, abrasion resistance, skewness and pilling propensity.

• Performance Tests

A variety of tests including wicking, absorption, drying rate, quick dry, stretch and recovery to meet specific performance standards.

• Color Fastness Tests

Tests include color fastness to washing, perspiration, seawater, crocking, and sublimation to ensure the color of our fabrics can withstand regular use.

• Certification & Facilities

With our in-house testing lab, knitting and dyeing facilities, we are able to integrate resources to manufacture fabrics. A selection of our products are certified by Blue Sign,
OEKO-TEX, and GRS for our commitment to people’s well-being and the environment. We provide scientifically tested reports by our accredited lab to monitor the quality and performance of our fabrics. Our lab is certified by many of our brand and material partners.

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